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Making love is an intimate activity between two people who want each other. The purpose of making love is to satisfy each other during the moment of intimacy. However, these days, there are people who do the act without any love for each other, although it would be clear that they want each other. When making love with a person where there is not much emotional involvement in the relationship, can create a difficulty in pleasing the woman. This is the reason why the emotional high that women get after sex with a loved one will always be different from how she would feel after having sex with someone she is not emotionally involved in.

No matter how difficult it might be to satisfy a mature woman in bed, especially if the woman is not the man’s wife, the satisfaction can still be reached through several tips.

  • Women would appreciate whispering obnoxious words while making love. This is something that could cause the woman to get more aroused.
  • Surprisingly touching the woman in places where she does not expect the partner to touch her will again cause more arousal for the woman and thereby allowing for satisfaction to happen.
  • It is important for the woman to first become comfortable with the sex partner, because if the woman is not comfortable, then it would be difficult for her to get aroused.
  • There are certain parts of a woman’s body where she is extra sensitive with, and these parts are her nape, her lips, her chests, and her neck among others. If a guy knows how to touch these parts at the right moment and with the right pressure, then he sure will make the woman become satisfied.
  • Similar with touching, kissing the woman in her most sensitive parts will cause more arousal such that there is a possibility of early reaching satisfaction.

A guy doesn’t need to be emotionally involved when having sex with a woman. But it is important that while he is doing it with the woman, he should have the decency to make her feel that she is very much wanted and that he is doing everything to please her every desire. That way, the woman will most definitely reach an orgasm. A good lover finds satisfaction in having satisfied his partner, and this is something that men should think about when making love.

Kissing on the nape, caressing the thighs, feeling each other’s tongues are foreplay activities that will cause for a woman to give in to whatever the man will want to do with her. It is important that such activities will be done the right way. Attitude can tip off a woman and they would most definitely not want to have sex with a guy who has a bad attitude. It is important for a man to be knowledgeable of the things that annoys women because once they are annoyed with a person, they could associate that annoyance with the person every time she sees him or her.

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Where To Meet Mature Women Online

There are a lot of women over 40 nowadays who are looking for some casual hook ups. The easiest way they could get one without having to put an effort of dressing up and getting all dolled up is through the internet. Hanging out in a bar at night would cost a lot of money, whereas putting up personal profiles on dating sites online would not cost them anything and this is why a lot of women young or old can be found on dating sites. Dating sites will post the woman’s preferences – whether she is looking for a real relationship, a hook-up or just a one night stand. Sites such as SeniorSizzle.com are specifically designed just for men want to meet older women and mature ladies seeking to meet men for fun times.

There are also tons of free online chat sites which cater to mature women who are looking for partners. To men who are interested in meeting women over 40 for casual sex, this is a great place to begin your search. Hooking up is easy nowadays through the internet, just as long as the person knows where to look and how to catch the woman’s interest (although, this topic will be discussed in a separate section). Senior Sizzle has free online chat rooms where you can hook up with older women by just loggin on.

How To Entice Older Women To Have Sex

Older women can be quite difficult to please, especially when the guy trying to get them into bed are younger than them. However, no matter what age a woman is, she will still be trapped in the same traps and tricks that guys use to get a woman into bed. When online, suave and appreciative words will make a woman appreciate them. When appreciation is present, it will be easy for other factors to come in, such as attraction and eventually sex.

Mature women will know their way to bed, and when they see a man who is trying his tricks on her, if they begin to have a liking for the guy, they will, without second thoughts, give in and have sex with the person. Mature women know what they want and they are bolder than younger girls. Because they know what they want, they get straight to the point and they are never shy about getting their message across. This attitude is something that entices younger guys. The same way applies to older women – when a guy is bold and he goes straight to the point, it will entice the older women. So, a guy has to be straight to the point when it comes to wanting to have sex with women over 40. Older women don’t play head games.

Casual sex is something that most career women look for because their workload maybe too much that they need something to distress with. If a guy is interesting enough to want to have casual sex with them, then it will most definitely happen. Especially with women who work in the corporate world where casual sex is something that is very normal. Guys who are interested in having sex with older women, should begin with sites that are niche specific. Don’t sign up to EHarmony if you want to meet an older milf or if you are a mature male yourself. Stick with sites such as Senior Sizzle, they work great because a woman on that site knows exactly what to expect, they aren’t looking for love, just fun times.

And remember older mature ladies know what they want more so than younger females in their 20s.

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SeniorSizzle’s mature women of the day.


I like to enjoy fine dining, hot time in the sack, working out and a whole list of other goodies.  I am divorced and NOT seeking anything serious or committed. It seems younger men tend to like me but I enjoy the company of all ages of men.

BaybeeBlonde From

  • Age: 51
  • Location:
  • Woman seeking: Man
  • Between ages: 40-55

in great shape for a 53 year old

Senior Sizzle blonde

looks good in a pink bra

SeniorSizzle.com mature blonde

looks good in a pink bra

blonde showing her chest

she is not scared to show us what she has for 53 years old!

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Welcome to SeniorSizzle

Welcome to SeniorSizzle. This is my first post with many more to come. Stay tuned and hopefully you’ll find my website informative and useful.

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